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Vital Signs – What Is “Normal”?

Vital signs are quick assessment measures of a person’s temperature, heart rate (pulse) per minute, blood pressure, respirations (breaths) per minute, and oxygen level. These numbers are then compared to “normal” readings, to see where you fall, at a specific point in time. The standard normal readings are defined as follows: Temperature: 98.6° F Heart

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How Can I Save Money on My Medication?

Medications can be expensive! It may seem a mixed blessing the gift of longer years lived comes with the price of what seems like an endless number of doctors’ visits and medications to take. Especially when it comes to paying for it. How do you manage it all? Let me start by saying that it

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Flu Vaccine – Do I Need It?

Spoiler alert … unless you fall under a very specific list of exceptions, YES, you need to be vaccinated against the flu! This is especially important for our perennials (aka older adults) and their caregivers. As we age our immunities decline, making perennials more susceptible to infections, such as the flu. Once infected, recovery takes

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